Peter Herborn - The forgotten chords: Music for Question Quartet

A band formed at the Folkwang University Essen by my former professor Peter Herborn. It features his compositions based on harmonies derived from the scales of melodic minor, harmonic minor as well as harmonic major in what is basically a post-bop context. 

  • Michel Janssen: Tenorsaxophon
  • Bruno Böhmer: Piano
  • Hermann Heidenreich: Drums

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Mike Roelofs Band

My good friend and colleague Mike founded this band a few years ago for a tour and a recording. It features wonderful trumpet player Ryan Carniaux and Dutch alto player Milan Bongerd. Also check out his site:

  • Ryan Carniaux: Trompete
  • Peter Hermersdorf: Saxophon
  • Mike Roelofs: Piano
  • Samuel Dhuesler: Drums

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A modern jazz trio with a decidedly Monkish attitude featuring our own compositions and arrangements of Monk tunes and some rarely played pieces by Kenny Barron, Ron Carter and Steve Coleman. 

  • Jonar Röser: Alto-Saxophone
  • Dominic Brosowski: Drums


A nice trio featuring modern-Jazz with original compositions by Michel Janssen. Probably the two people I played the most with during my student-days...

  • Michel Janssen: Tenor-Saxophon
  • Hermann Heidenreich: Drums

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Mia Thought & Something Happened

A trip-hop / drum‘n bass project in the style of English bands like Portishead, Lamb and Moloko. An international line-up with an Austrian (now NYC based) singer, Belgium keyboarder and German drummer. Good times... 


Das Modern Jazz Trio musiziert mit einer bewussten Hinwendung zu Monk'scher Ästhetik. Dies spiegelt auch das Repertoire der Band mit neben eigenen Kompositionen selten gespielten Stücken von Kenny Baron, Steve Coleman und Thelonious Monk wider. Im Vordergrund steht ein dynamisches Spiel, das eine klanglich abwechslungsreiche Mischung aus solidem swingendem Jazz-Feeling und einer experimentierfreudigen Haltung bietet. Über ein dichtes Zusammenspiel und sensible Spielhaltung formulieren die drei Musiker eine Synthese aus Tradition und Moderne. Das konzertante Auftreten des Trios beruht auf dem Prinzip der Gleichberechtigung; keines der Instrumente dominiert den Sound der Formation.

  • Jonar Röser: Alt-Saxophon
  • Dominic Brosowski: Schlagzeug


Charlotte Ortmann Trio

Just flute, drums and‘s possible!

  • Charlotte Ortmann: Flute,  Alto-Saxophone
  • Dominic Brosowksi: Drums

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Igor Savatckii Trio

Igor Savatckii

The trio of amazing piano player Igor Savatckii from St. Petersburg with whom I have the honor of playing. Below you will find one my compositions dedicated to the composer Erik Satie and my arrangement of the Beatles tunes 'Fool on the Hill'

  • Igor Savatckii: Piano
  • Dominic Brosowksi: Drums

Jonas Röser Quartet

A band put together by my good friend and saxophone player Jonas Röser. Whoever said instrumental music can‘t be critical of society? Modern jazz with crazy harmonies but some beautiful stuff as well... 

  • Jonas Röser: Saxophon
  • Gustavo Bugni: Piano
  • Dominic Brosowksi: Drums

Jean Yves Braun Trio

For a couple of years I played with virtuoso guitar player Jean Yves Braun. There are some nice tracks left over from that period and here is one of them.  

  • Jean Yves Braun: Guitar
  • Dominic Brosowski: Drums