Caspar van Meel Quintet

This band features my original compositions in a traditional quintet setting with two horns and rhythm section.  Lyrical ballads, Rock grooves, bass ostinato and energetic swing, Hard Bop, Funk and Rock melt together with experiments in contemporary harmony, polyrhythms and cross-patterns....just so you know.

  • Denis Gäbel: Tenor Saxophone  / Recording: Michel Janssen
  • Tobias Wember: Trombone / Recording: Philipp Schug
  • Roman Babik: Piano
  • Niklas Walter: Drums / Recording: Hermann Heidenreich



Cataclysm - Live in Düsseldorf

For Erik - Live in Düsseldorf

Godess' Eye - Live in Düsseldorf


A modern jazz trio with a decidedly Monkish attitude featuring our own compositions and arrangements of Monk tunes and some rarely played pieces by Kenny Barron, Ron Carter and Steve Coleman. 

  • Jonar Röser: Alto-Saxophone
  • Dominic Brosowski: Drums


This jazz trio with guitar combines lyrical expression with earthy rhythms, complex harmony with clear melody, classical straight-ahead jazz with contemporary influences. The Press writes: ,A lyrical atmosphere (...) in which you can lean back ( and ,elegant sound sculptures in a relaxed atmosphere‘ (

  • Bastian Ruppert: Guitar
  • Dominic Brosowski: Drums

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Gesucht Gefunden

Ellington Trio

A repertoire band in which we perform our arrangements of Duke Ellington‘s pieces often based on the original Big Band parts.  Classic tunes like ‘It don‘t mean a thing‘, ‘Take the A-Trane and ‘Mood Indigo’ receive our very own special treatment. Recently we released our first CD Duke's Place which you order here

  • Barbara Barth: Vocals
  • Gero Körner: Piano
  • feat. Klaus Osterloh: Trumpet

I’m beginning to see the light